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Sharing your story through beautiful, handcrafted digital experiences.

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With the digital and physical worlds merging more than ever before, it is important to design user-friendly concepts. Technology has the power to change human attitudes and their behaviors by educating people so that they may live better lives, or help to reduce the time people take to do certain tasks—or even attract them to a specific product.

Based on this knowledge, I carefully craft digital experiences by considering the person attached to the technology and the context in which they’ll be using the creation; then, I design a solution and involve users in the process to refine my thinking.

Through my design skills I am able to solve problems intelligently, elegantly and beautifully, and create experiences without excess or complication. I believe in quality over quantity, and I strive to work with clients who value this philosophy.

The full list of my services are:

Web Design / User Experience Design / User Interface Design / Responsive Design / Identity / Print
HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / PHP / Content Management Systems

A glimpse into my design process:

1. Planning

I start my project by getting to know you first and asking tough questions. Fully understanding your goals and why you have them, will help me build a solid foundation for your project.

2. Production

Once we finished our in-depth introductory and planning phases it is time for me to start crafting solutions, fine-tuning those and perfecting the desired outcome(s).

3. Outcome

When launch day arrives we will all be smiling. I pride myself in my project management skills to stay within set budget(s) and timeframe(s) while supporting my clients in sustaining their site.

Work Samples

Showcase of recent handcrafted digital experiences.

Global Header Re-Design

Client: University Communications | 2013

The goal was to re-align all of the elements that are currently presented in Willamette’s global header to prepare for a future responsive design. As well as preparing the global search elements for an upcoming scheduled overhaul to the website search and directories.

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Capitol Connection

Client: University Communications | 2013

One page design showcasing Willamette’s learning opportunities due to the Universities close proximity to the Capitol Mall.

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Value Infographic

Client: Admission | 2013

An infographic primarily used as a landing page for an email campaign. Informs prospective students about the return of their investment with a degree from Willamette University.

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HTML email

Client: Annual Giving | 2014

Year-end fund-raising challenge: honor graduating seniors while making a gift to the Willamette Fund.

The email template is based on Antwort

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HTML e-newsletter

Client: Marketing & Communication Office | 2014

HTML email design and development to allow for a mobile-friendly e-newsletter that is elegant, easy to read and simple.

The email template is based on Antwort

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Behind the Work

Prolific Images is a personal portfolio site of Laura Levin.

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I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany in the 1980’s which was an interesting mix of being literally trapped inside a city and a false sense of extreme freedom. With a bustling nightlife and the Cold War still lingering in the air, Berlin also showcased traces of the last world war. When I walked 5 minutes from my house I would be confronted with the Wall made out of solid concrete, topped with barb wire and decorated with graffiti. This juxtaposition of expressions and experiences are still shaping me to this day.

After the Wall was torn down and with so much liberating change happening all around me, I decided to explore my American heritage with the goal of perfecting my English. I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to study Graphic Design.

I now live in Salem, Oregon the hometown of my husband. For the last eight years I have been employed by Willamette University officially as a Web Designer, but titles similar to UX/UI Designer, Web Developer, CMS Trainer, Customer Support, Project Manager, Web Editor… all apply as well.

Outside of work I get my hands dirty with brewing Kombucha, experimenting in the kitchen with (most of the time) healthy foods, clipping tree’s with my gnu on powder days, swimming, throwing weights around, reading books, watching Blazer games, meeting my girls at yoga, still learning to play golf, snuggling with my dog, talking to my family via Skype, freelance design and last but not least I spend most of my time with my best friend, my husband.

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